Video: Richy Pitch's 'Black Star' Featuring M.anifest

Video: Richy Pitch's 'Black Star' Featuring M.anifest

Watch the music video for Richy Pitch's 'Black Star' featuring M.anifest

It seems that BBE and Okayafrica have both embraced that 80s nostalgia with tribute to the activity that consumed most of our time back then: old school video games. BBE, promoting Richy Pitch's new video "Black Star," takes the viewer back to when video games were simple and 2D.  After peeping the video, we couldn't help thinking about Okayafrica's new limited edition Africa Galactica t-shirt, which will be for sale in our store shortly. Despite the throw-back theme, Richy Pitch is anything but out-dated, with an underground meets Kid Cudi sound. Hailing from Ghana, Richy Pitch joined BBE Records in London, and has just released Ye Fre Mi this summer. After watching his video be sure to check out his album here .

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