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Yagazie Emezi is a Lagos-based vlogger and documentary photographer, who works as the Visual Curator for Bialere, which is a digital platform highlighting African creatives. Emezie is also an Everyday Africa contributor, whose detailed images have won her over 100,000 fans on Instagram. The likes of Al Jazeera, MTV, Lagos Fashion Week and Refinery29 have featured Emezie's work on their platforms.

Some of the exhibitions she has taken part in include: LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph, Unseen Photo Fair, The Everyday Projects at FotoInstanbul. She studied Cultural Anthropology and African Studies at the University of New Mexico, and returned to Nigeria where she is building a name for herself as a professional photographer and a Youtube star.

The most refreshing thing about Emezie is how funny and entertaining she is on her channel. Her candid expressions about personal experiences and pop culture have her followers perpetually amused, and waiting for her latest YouTube videos to drop.

“I Won’t Cook For You” and “Social Anxiety and I” are just some of Emezi's popular uploads. For creating a career that is true to her personality and gifts, Emezi is a real and refreshing African creative.



Interview: Wavy The Creator Is Ready to See You Now

The multidisciplinary Nigerian-American artist on tapping into all her creative outlets, creating interesting things, releasing a new single and life during quarantine.

A trip canceled, plans interrupted, projects stalled. It is six months now since Wavy the Creator has had to make a stop at an undisclosed location to go into quarantine and get away from the eye of the pandemic.

The professional recording artist, photographer, writer, fashion artist, designer, and evolving creative has been spending all of this time in a house occupied by other creatives. This situation is ideal. At least for an artist like Wavy who is always in a rapid motion of creating and bringing interesting things to life. The energy around the house is robust enough to tap from and infuse into any of her numerous creative outlets. Sometimes, they also inspire trips into new creative territories. Most recently, for Wavy, are self-taught lessons on a bass guitar.

Wavy's days in this house are not without a pattern, of course. But some of the rituals and personal rules she drew up for herself, like many of us did for internal direction, at the beginning of the pandemic have been rewritten, adjusted, and sometimes ditched altogether. Some days start early and end late. Some find her at her sewing machine fixing up thrift clothes to fit her taste, a skill she picked up to earn extra cash while in college, others find her hard at work in the studio, writing or recording music.

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