Madlib sheds light on plans to Zamrock inspired record an album with Mos Def

As Okayplayer points out, Madlib recently dropped a bomb in a recent Rolling Stone interview for his new Quasimoto album. Amidst talk of his new Madlib Invazions imprint, the Beat Konducta spoke on plans to release an album inspired by 1970s psychedelic Zambian rock, aka Zamrock, with none other than Yasiin Bey, fka Mos Def:

You’re making an album with Mos Def that’s inspired by Zambian rock from the 1970s. How did that come about?
We’ve been working on it for a long time. I’ve got a lot of unreleased tracks with him, and when he comes to L.A., we link up. I showed him all the Zambian stuff from the group Witch that [Now-Again Records’ Eothen “Egon” Alapatt] released on Now-Again. Mos loved it. I have another album, too, full of all Indian Bollywood sampling stuff that I did with Mos. We’ll hopefully put out an album of that later.

Needless to say, we’re amped. Check back here for any of those Madlib x Bey zamrock-inspired tracks to drop. While you wait, browse our feature Zamrock: The Best 1970s Zambian Psychedelic Rock Tracks and try and picture those two over guitars like these below.


  • Shiba

    two of my favourite genres on this earth! if anyone could fuse them just right, madlib and yasiin bey can…

  • Rook

    It is about time Mos Def and Madlib released some new tracks. Finally, my life will be complete!

    • Chris Sava

      No lie I thought the same shit.

  • slikpete

    sshhhhh, rather hear the Zamrock as is and hear Madlib and Yasiin do something over their own music. Love the bollywood as is too.

    • Joseph Sannicandro

      “their own music” is always already constructed out of samples, doing something new with those influences, i don’t see how this will be any different, and it will give Zambian music some great exposure

    • slikpete

      I do appreciate when the producer of the track rocks the sample ‘new’. That didn’t happen on ‘supermagic’ off the ecstatic album. I find that when I’m familiar with the track the sample is from before hand, makes the new track much less interesting.

  • Joseph Sannicandro

    Madlib mentioned that he and Mos were working on a record sampling from Zamrock years ago. hopefully this means it might actually see the light of day, but i wouldn’t get my hopes up until there’s actually a release date attached