'Get Out' Is the Most Nominated Film At This Year's MTV Movie and TV Awards

"Get Out' has received six MTV Movie and TV Awards nominations, other nominees include "Moonlight," "Insecure," and "Hidden Figures."

The nominees for the MTV Movie Awards, were announced last Thursday, and it's looking like everyone's favorite "socail thriller," Get Out is going to make a pretty big wave.

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Daniel Kaluuya Responds to Samuel L. Jackson's Criticism of Black British Actors

'Get Out' star, Daniel Kaluuya, responds to Samuel L. Jackson's critique of Black British actors in an interview with GQ.

Last week, in an interview with Hot 97Samuel L. Jackson questioned the validity of Black British actors playing African Americans on film. He was referring directly to British-Ugandan actor, Daniel Kaluuya's role in Get Out. "They’re cheaper and they think they’re better trained than we are because they’re classically trained," he remarked.

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The Black British Invasion: Samuel L. Jackson is Confused About Black British Actors

A reflection on Samuel L. Jackson's comments about Black British actors playing Americans on film.

Samuel L. Jackson’s recent statement about Black British actors taking roles from African Americans is neither right nor wrong. It’s just too complicated an issue to be wrapped up in a neat binary.

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