The Silent T in Nigeria's LGBT Community

Filmmaker Noni Lawal on what it means to be a Nigerian trans-woman in New York and the fight for LGBT rights in Nigeria.

“I don’t see a place in Nigeria for someone like me,” says Noni as she reclines on a bench in New York’s Bryant Park.

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'Squeers' is an Animated LGBT Series About 2 Gay Squirrels in Cape Town

Screengrab: Squeers official trailer

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Limit(less): A Groundbreaking New Photo Project On LGBTQ African Style In The U.S.

Nigerian-American photographer Mikael Owunna explores the visual aesthetic of LGBTQ Africans in the U.S. with his 'Limit(less)' series.

Limit(less) is a new multimedia photography series that seeks to explore how LGBTQ Africans in the diaspora are using visual aesthetics to navigate their cultural, sexual and gender identities. Through photos and interviews with first and second generation LGBTQ African immigrants, the nascent documentary project hopes to deconstruct colonial notions that LGBTQ Africans are somehow “un-African."

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Growing Up LGBT In East Africa

Digital media organization None on Record shares a series of interviews with individuals in Nairobi about growing up LGBT in East Africa.