Black Vulcanite Visions

If anybody knows how far Namibian hip-hop crew Black Vulcanite have come, it’s Leneave Hansen, their manager and hip-hop head honcho at Rude World Records. As proud of the guys’ achievement as they are, he is equally grateful to the two women joining Black Vulcanite on this chapter of their journey; a conscious, politically-charged call to action entitled “Visions” featuring Zimbabwean poet and women’s rights activist Tanya Dirango alongside Canadian-born finalist of The Voice Berlin, Sandra Amarie. The gritty fourth track off their debut album Remember the Future, “Visions” speaks of power, corruption, freedom, and what it means to be a leader and a man, regardless of status or struggle.

“This video is a milestone for us, it signifies the journey we’ve had the past year putting in work so people can hear our music. We have filmed videos before but none that we wanted to put out because we all felt that whatever it is we put out has to be true to Black Vulcanite… The quality has to show that we love our supporters and only want to give them our best. We hope that all the supporters will love the video as much as we do,” Leneave Hansen told us.

Watch the new video for “Visions” below and see more on Black Vulcanite here.

Black Vulcanite Visions

Black Vulcanite Visions


2 Replies to "Namibia’s Black Vulcanite Speak On Power, Corruption and Freedom In “Visions”"
Jayceon 100 says:
June 10, 2013 at 9:27 am

A dope video! Can’t wait to hear more from BV

Adam says:
June 10, 2013 at 7:00 pm

Really feeling these guys right now. Bright future for African hip hop.

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