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Yanga Chief appears on one of AKA's three new singles.

AKA Still in Top Form in 3 New Singles ‘Monument,’ ‘Cross My Heart’ and ‘Energy'

AKA releases three new singles 'Monument,' 'Cross My Heart' and 'Energy.'

Being an AKA fan has been tricky for the most part of 2020. Supa Mega hasn't released music since December 2019. Fans experienced him only through a few guest verses.

A stream of insults hurled towards his arch nemesis Cassper Nyovest on Twitter divided the Megacy and angered many South Africans in March. During this explosive meltdown, problematic tweets by AKA mentioning Cass' parents and the use of the word "moffie" (a derogatory South African term for queer people) put him on the wrong side of the internet. He would late apologize for the homophobic slur.

Last week, AKA clashed with media personality and businessman Sizwe Dhlomo. The comical scuffle resulted from AKA revealing to his followers he never received a cent from Reebok for The SneAKA, his personalized Reebok shoe released in 2019.

Things took a different turn this month, however, when AKA launched his subscription-based app AKA TV whose best piece of content has been an exclusive treat to AKA's Orchestra on the Square Show. A week later, he posted a video of him and his band jamming. AKA appeared to be in good spirits in the clip and fans loved what they heard.

The artist announced he would be releasing three singles on Friday, swaying the conversation from Twitter meltdowns and a beef that has overstayed its welcome to music. His Twitter antics were referred to as cheap marketing gimmicks by many (and you know, one can't really blame them).

The three singles "Monument," "Cross My Heart" and "Energy" each contain different flavors, but are tied together by a refreshingly buoyant aura. They provide an escape from the current situation and teleport one to a time after the storm.

In "Energy," which features a stellar hook from Gemini Major and a sample of the house classic "Summer Daze" by Nick Holder, AKA speaks of being "top of the mountain" and being "at the peak of my energy." It's the house-sampling trap anthem you never thought you needed. The song, which was produced by Makwa, gives one the same feeling of having a heavy load getting lifted off their backs.

"Cross My Heart" is an infectious love song containing Supa Mega's signature sound which is inspired by 80s dance and pop music. A sound that has never failed AKA since he adopted in 2016, and a sound that he keeps refining. The song makes a reference to a woman in AKA's life who is clearly his peace right now and keeps him grounded.

"Monuments" features Grandmaster Ready D and AKA's frequent collaborator Yanga Chief. Among other things, AKA raps about the Covid-19, rapping, "It's easy to stay to stay home when you ain't gotta deal with no domestic abuse/ Please count your blessings, don't be complaining about your wife or connection."

In the three singles, AKA exudes his omnipresent confidence and sounds ready to dominate the game again. Both his singing and rapping sound sharp, and all three songs are poised to be radio staples in the near future. Mega Season has officially begun.

Stream AKA's new singles on Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer. Download AKA TV here.

AKA - Cross my Heart (Official Audio)

AKA - Energy (Official Audio) ft. Gemini Major

AKA - Monuments (Official Audio) ft. Yanga Chief, Grandmaster Ready D

Still from 'Road to Yesterday'

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While post-production on Alakada has concluded, the stay-at-home orders have delayed work on Kambili. "Since the team cannot meet at a single point, we are moving hard drives left and right," he says to me over the phone from his home in Lagos. "It is a challenge, but the beautiful thing about a challenge is, when you make it work, it is fulfilling."

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