Black Sherif Bears His Soul In New Single "Soja"

Black Sherif Bears His Soul In New Single "Soja"
Image courtesy of DAC BIET

Ghana's musical 'Street Preacher' gives us an intimate look into his mind and upcoming debut album.

Ghanaian performer Black Sherif continues to push himself to new levels and show the world what he is capable of. The self-proclaimed 'Street Preacher' has gifted fans with a lyrical diary entry in the form of new single "Soja", via Blacko Management/ EMPIRE. The single comes as Sherif teases his upcoming debut album, and is arguably our deepest dive into the talent's inner monologue yet.

As the rapper's latest contribution to the global music charts, "Soja" is Sherif's first single since the immense success of "Kwaku The Traveller", which he shared earlier this year. Lyrical honesty seems to be the Ghanaian's bag, as "Kwaku The Traveller" gave listeners an equally candid look into the controversy surrounding him and his management at the time. And mixing bluntness with a sickening beat looks to be a recipe for success. In "Soja", Sherif speaks to the twisted ways in which our own brains can turn on us, and how the relationships we have with ourselves often dictate how we show up in the world. "I'm too close I can feel it, Something is vibrating. Inside me I'm celebrating, But outside them dey kill me. My own-self dey kill me (My own body, My own body)", the rapper croons.

Sherif is relatively new to the music game and has already made incredible strives in his journey to becoming one of Ghana's best exports. The musician's collab with Africa's Giant Burna Boy on his "Second Sermon (Remix)" continues to dominate party playlists, while single "Kwaku The Traveller" alone earned the star 100 million+ streams across music sharing platforms, as well as garnering the attention and co-signs of US legendary producers Timbaland and DJ Khaled. The rapper is making noise on African and international charts, as he graced the cover of Apple Music's Rap Life playlist, and was inducted into YouTube's Foundry Class of 2022.

Listen to Black Sherif's latest single 'Soja' here!