Image coutesy of Black Sherif.

The Irrefutable Reign Of Black Sherif

The breakout Ghanaian talks to us about his meteoric rise, his use of drill beats, and wanting to tell the true story of Accra.

“I wanted to be a beast before I broke out. I knew that people would hear of me so I wanted that when they heard of me, they would never go back.” Black Sherif says to me with assured confidence when we meet at one of his favorite pubs in East Legon, Accra. It's with a similar gripping beast-like rage that Black Sherif commands attention on his 2021 break-out single, "First Sermon," a hard-hitting drill-influenced ghetto gospel about the survivalist themes of life in Accra.

“Madonna, my manager, and Jamjam shot the First Sermon video,” Black Sherif continued, before pointing out that the clip which has grossed over two million views on Youtube was shot down the road from the pub where we currently enjoyed beers.

At 20-years-old, Black Sherif is one of Ghana’s youngest superstars but Blacko—as he is often called—has long had hankering for musical success, starting his music career at age 17. “I have loved music since I was a kid. I just didn’t know I was going to make a career out of it. I am a Muslim, did you know I am a Muslim?” he asks frankly and I shake my head innocently “My name is Mohammed Ismail Sharif. In Islam, music is more like sin, you shouldn’t make a career out of it if you are a Muslim. The music was chasing me but I was always dodging it. Although, I was popular for dancing in senior high school”

Determined to pursue music as a career, Black Sherif took a gap year after finishing high school to understand music. During this period, the artist attended auditions of talent shows such as Mentor X and MTN Hitmaker that powered the rise of Ghanaian artists like Kidi and Kuami Eugene, among others. He did not make it past the auditions and, shortly after, released his first-ever single, "Cry For Me."

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Photo by Jess Chibueze via Emerald East

Black Sherif Brings Burna Boy & All The Energy To New Video For 'Second Sermon' Remix

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Whew! Ghanaian singer and rapper Black Sherif is on a fast ascension to the top, as he releases his video for "Second Sermon" featuring the African Giant, Burna Boy. The highly-anticipated music video for the viral hit checks all the boxes in terms of drama, high-energy delivery, and watching two great musicians deliver a bombshell project. The single's popularity last summer pushed Black Sherif to newer heights, and him connecting with one of Africa's biggest artists is proof that he's on the right path to becoming one of Ghana's biggest exports.

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