Brenda Fassie.

Brenda Fassie.

Image courtesy of Universal Music Group.

Brenda Fassie's Entire Catalog Is Now Available For Streaming

To posthumously celebrate what would have been her 58th birthday.

For the first time ever, Brenda Fassie's entire music catalog is available on digital streaming platforms.

The release will include all of Fassie's renowned classics and will serve as a music capsule for music enthusiasts who enjoyed the South African icon's sound.

In addition to her entire solo career digital catalog release, Universal Music Group will also be releasing the entirety of Fassie's time with Brenda and the Big Dudes, a band that she started with Desmond Malotana (keyboards), Dumisane Ngubeni (keyboards), Job "Fats" Mlangeni (drums), David Mabaso (bass) and Rufus Klaas (guitar) in 1983. The South African legend initially broke into the music scene with the group, and over the years that they spent together, they recorded several hits that would become fan favorites. While together, the group would release projects like "Weekend Special" as well as "I've Got Feelings" and "Hot Shot."

Some of the albums that you can stream include: No! No! Senore, from her Brenda and the Big Dudes era, Nomakanjani (1999), Ag Shame Lovey (1987), and Memeza, her 1998 pop album that included the classic "Vuli Ndlela."

Brenda and the Big Dudes were together until 1987, when Brenda Fassie broke away to pursue a solo career. This led to her eponymous solo debut album that included massive hits like "Izola Bud," "Jah Man," and "High Class."

In a 2001 Time Magazine issue, the publication dubbed her "The Madonna of The Townships" for her music's influence and her artistry's impact on many. Like many of the greats, Fassie was outspoken in her music and used the words in her work to stand up to apartheid rule that swamped South Africa.

Some of her most critically acclaimed songs include "Vuli Ndlela," "Nomakanjani," and "Too Late for Mama." Fassie's sound was raw, honest, and indigenous, and during her time, she enjoyed tremendous popularity for her candid lyrics and personality.

Throughout her illustrious career, many of her albums would become multi-platinum sellers in South Africa. In 1998, her iconic album Memeza became the best-selling album in South Africa in 1998.

A few years ago, OkayAfrica compiled a list of The Best Brenda Fassie Songs. Although Fassie tragically died in 2004, her enduring legacy remained in the hearts of many music listeners worldwide who had come to know her as The Queen of African Pop.