City Guide: E.L Takes Us on a Tour of Accra

City Guide: E.L Takes Us on a Tour of Accra

The award-winning rapper and producer gives us a tour of his favorite Accra haunts.

DIASPORA—In our series City Guide, we ask our favorite musicians, actors, artists and celebrities what their go-to spots are in their hometown.

From the hipster haunts of Osu to Labadi Beach, award-winning Ghanaian rapper and producer EL gives us the keys to Accra, showing us the best spots for tunes, romance, food and more.

Get a taste of what the city has to offer with the guide below, and be sure to check out some of EL's bumping hits like “Agbo,” “Fefeefe,” and,“Kaa Bu Ame” while you're at it.

Must-See Historical Site

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EL: Ghana is a very historic country, it has some very historic locations. If you want to understand the slave trade and how Ghanaians were carried across by their colonial masters into the West, you want to visit Jamestown. It has all these dungeons and different places where the slaves passed through. Jamestown is now known for its boxing, you find a lot of boxers there.

Best Concert Venue

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EL+233, it's a jazz lounge but it's also very intimate. I like to feel like I have a personal connection to my audience, I can get to see them one by one instead of a sea of people. If it's a bigger show, we have this venue called The Conference Center.

Best Night Spot

EL: Purple Pub, it gets popping! Every night it's turnt up with different types of people, different vibes. Basically anywhere in Osu where they sell drinks. Republic's also nice, it's got a very diasporian feel, a lot of pictures of Marcus Garvey and Bob Marley, it's very hipster.

Best Date Spot

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EL: I'd take a first date to Urban Grill if she wants to get dressed up. They have a very exclusive menu, it's a very posh, high-class place to try and impress your date. If it's somebody who likes to be lowkey and just wants to experience Ghanaian culture, I'd take them to Asanka Delight.  They have some of my favorite dishes coming from Ghana like fufu and light soup.

Best Drink to Have While in Town

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EL: There's a drink called Kokroko. You don't want to drink that shit man! When Ed Sheeran had it, it fucked him up!

Best Outdoor Activity

EL: When I'm not in the studio, chilling at home watching TV, I'm at the gym. But there are a lot of cool go-kart places around the city.

Best Chill Spot for Working on Music

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EL: I write music on the road. I like the look of moving images it inspires me a lot. If you stay in one place you're liable to get stale minded, you tend to get stuck on one idea. I like to move when I'm driving it's dangerous, I don't advise anybody to do it. I put the music on loud and I have my phone and I sing into it. I've also written a lot of songs by the ocean. There's a corner in Labadi where I always park my car. It's next to a cliff and you can see the whole ocean leading up to the horizon. A few of my hit tracks have been written there.

Best Bakery

EL: We have The Cupcake Boutique. You want to check out Frankie's as well, it has some nice pastries and Delifrance.