The DapperAfrika Experience Presents The 'Melanin Man'

The DapperAfrika Experience Presents The 'Melanin Man'

Okayafrica premieres a new chapter in the DapperAfrika Experience, the impromptu 'Melanin Man' editorial.

Today we’re excited to premiere a new chapter in the DapperAfrika Experience. The impromptu Melanin Man shoot sees rapper Clint’N Lord out and about in the Ditmas Park neighborhood of Brooklyn under the creative direction of New York-based editorial and beauty director, choreographer, songwriter and wardrobe stylist Yasin Abdur, aka DapperAfrika and more recently, Uncle Juice Lord.

According to DapperAfrika, a melanin man is “someone who expresses himself in freedom even when the world is mad.”

The resulting shoot with Clint’N Lord was ​"an hour's work of being free-spirited,” he tells us over the phone.

On the issue of gentrification around Brooklyn, DapperAfrika maintains that no one can commercialize originality. “You can't take away their freedom of art.”

After all, originality is one of his trademarks. “I do my best to shift it back to originality,” he says of the DapperAfrika Experience.

Check out our premiere of the Melanin Man editorial, shot by Mari J Brooklyn, below. Keep up with DapperAfrika on Tumblr, Instagram and Facebook.


Editorial Direction

Styled by Dapper Afrika




Mari J Brooklyn





White +Gray +Blue Scuba set.


Red black plaid jacket


Man's Bag


Blk + White print shirt


Burgundy Trench


Blue + yellow checkered turban


Tribal Cuff


Purple +

Yellow bubble cuffs

& all other accessories


Brown Shoes


Blue socks