Twitter Hilariously Reacts to Davido Joining Nigeria's National Youth Service Corps

People with "thaty billion" in their account have to serve their country too.

Despite, owning a private jet and being an award-winning afrobeats megastar, Davido is really just like the rest of us. So much so, that he too, has to participate in mandatory state-run youth programs.

Yesterday, the 25-year-old singer shared an image showing that he had joined Nigeria's National Youth Service (NYSC), a mandatory work program for Nigerian college graduates under the age of 30 who want to become part of the country's workforce. The program is not known for being the easiest or the most accommodating.

Despite all of this, Davido, one of the country's top celebrities has enlisted in the program, three years after his graduation.

The afrobeats star joining the NYSC has come as a surprise to many, who didn't quite expect the superstar to still participate in the program.

Reactions are rolling in from folks on Twitter who are quite surprised by the news. Many wonder whether the programs monthly stipend of 19,800 Naira ($54.73) will be granted to the man who famously sang the line "thirty billion for the account oh."