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Flutterwave Partners with Audiomack for Monetization Opportunities

Payments from the popular streaming service, Audiomack, are made even more convenient by the platform's partnership with the tech payment company Flutterwave.

Flutterwave, the leading payments technology company in Africa, has announced a strategic partnership with Audiomack, a popular music-streaming and discovery platform. The collaboration aims to enhance the music experience for Audiomack's customers and artists by providing premium features for a fee.

The partnership empowers African artists with improved monetization capabilities, leveraging Flutterwave's expertise in secure and reliable payment processing. Audiomack will now offer seamless payment options, including bank transfers, local cards, and mobile money, tailored to the preferences of African users.

Audiomack has become the go-to platform for artists, labels, tastemakers, and music enthusiasts across Africa's 54 countries. Its strong presence in the region has made it a vital hub for the African music industry.

Dave Macli, Co-Founder and CEO of Audiomack expressed delight in enhancing the platform's experience for African users and highlighted the importance of providing artists with the tools to thrive and monetize their art effectively.

“We are delighted to partner with Flutterwave to enhance the Audiomack experience for our African users. This collaboration enables us to bring Audiomack to even more people in Africa and gives African artists the tools they need to thrive and monetize their art effectively,” Dave Macli shared about the partnership.

Flutterwave's ability to bridge the gap in cross-border payments brings companies from around the world closer to Africa. With over 400 million transactions processed, surpassing $25 billion in value, and serving over one million businesses, including notable customers like Piggyvest, Uber, Airpeace, and Bamboo, Flutterwave has established itself as a key player in the payment industry.

Olugbenga GB Agboola, Founder and CEO of Flutterwave, expressed excitement about contributing to the growth of Africa's music industry through the partnership with Audiomack. He emphasized how the collaboration will expand Audiomack's user base in Africa and empower African artists with increased monetization opportunities.

“By leveraging our technology, we will expand the Audiomack user base across Africa while empowering African artists with increased monetization opportunities. Audiomack’s commitment to promoting African music and providing a platform for artists to showcase their talent aligns perfectly with Flutterwave’s mission to simplify payments and foster economic growth across the continent,” Olugbenga GB Agboola said.

This strategic partnership between Flutterwave and Audiomack marks a significant milestone in the African music industry. It paves the way for continued innovation and growth, promoting financial inclusion and collaboration on a global scale.