Watch: Black Sherif Praises Gob3, FC Barcelona, and More

Ghanaian superstar Black Sherif stops by the OkayAfrica offices

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Watch: Black Sherif Praises Gob3, FC Barcelona, and More

The Ghanaian superstar recently stopped by our OkayAfrica offices to give us a closer look into what keeps him going.

What a joy it is to find out that Ghana's hottest export at the moment, Black Sherif, is a great guy, too. The "Kwaku the Traveller" songster recently stopped by the OkayAfrica offices to share his desire to travel to beautiful Namibia, the heartbreaking relationship he has with football, as well as a look into how he creates a successful hook.

This year, Sherif has performed all over the world — namely Afro Nation Miami and soon to come Afro Nation Portugal. His debut album, The Villian I Never Was, came out in 2022 and continues to exhilarate his fans. His growing success also landed him on the soundtrack of the 2023 blockbuster film Creed III. The definition of booked and busy, the 21-year-old star shared how he takes care of himself while commanding global stages, saying, "I listen to music, and I watch short films. I love watching short films -- 15 minutes, 17 minutes, [something] like that."

Another form entertainment that his career has separated him from is football. "I loved Barcelona from early. I used to be a huge soccer fan. Like huge, huge," Sherif said. "But now because I'm making music and jobs, I can only watch the highlights." However, the distant approach to engaging in soccer seems to be from a few disappointments, too. "And, mostly it's about the heartbreaks," he continued. "Football breaks my heart so much."

Another important aspect of his well-being is the relationship he has with his fanbase. "[I want my fans to know] that I care about them so much. And I'm not hiding music from nobody -- I'm working on it." The singer's cover story highlights his creative overflow and Sherif shares, "I want my fans to know that I'm trapped in working on so much, from visuals to creating new music, even to creating clothes for them."

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In OkayAfrica's "Anthem" series, Sherif was gracious enough to give a live rendition of the hook to his single "45," declaring that as his favorite to date. Explaining the meaning behind the hook "Sɛ meyɛ aa na mewu aa na meko", the singer shared that it means, "If I'm done with my purpose out here, then I'll leave." "It felt special to for me, saying that, repeating that and telling people, "This is what I'm doing.""

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