Image of Joeboy in white and black leather jacket.
Photo by Empawa

Joeboy Shares the Riveting Music Video For "Body & Soul"

Joeboy has shared the music video for “Body and Soul," which is peak into his new record.

Vocal sensation Joseph Akinwale, known professionally as Joeboy, released the music video for his latest song, "Body & Soul," one of the tracks included in his upcoming album.

The video, which is a Perliks-directed offering, is both riveting and emotional, with matching lyrics that underscore the overall meaning of the record. In the music video, Joeboy takes fans on a journey to a rough neighborhood in Nigeria’s Lagos. He tells a story of getting a girl pregnant and stepping up as a responsible father at the end of the day. The video depicts the story of a young couple navigating their way through the emotions of conceiving a baby and highlights themes of love, loyalty, and endurance.

Never one to shy away from telling poignant stories through his music video, Joeboy seems to lean into that pattern with his latest project.

While talking about the song, Joeboy said that the theme encompassed different aspects of love.

"The song is not just a love song in a romantic sense, it’s a song that encompasses all forms of love; love for yourself, love for family, and just being there for the people that you care about," Joeboy said.

Although he is a relatively new talent, Joeboy has established himself as one of Afrobeats' prominent voices, With over three billion streams and a loyal and growing fanbase. The “Sip” crooner shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Watch the video for “Body & Soul” below.