A Look Into Oakland's Scene

Okayafrica contributor Candi Martinez runs down a a look into Oakland's scene.


Photo of SKIN co-founder DJ Cecil

Local DJʼs such as Cecil, Veyn, Orfeu Negro, Mpenzi, Nina Sol, Abeldee, Soul Profess, Juan G and Cuba's Leydis are all known to weave their rich, cultural backgrounds into a lovable global groove that is dance floor ready. Expect everything from dancehall to soca, salsa and  tropical bass cuts. Look out for Orfeu Negro & DJ Cecil at thePeople the 4th Saturday of every month at the New Parish (579 18th St) and Soul Profess at “Recess" (Somar Bar 1727 Telegraph) the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of every month.


Africa Mix on KALW

While technically located across the bridge in San Francisco, Africa Mix on KALW is the only local radio show that allows listeners to delight in vintage and contemporary sounds from Abidjan to Zimbabwe, so we had to give it a mention. Hosts Edwin OʼKongo and Emmanuel Nado deliver musical treats from Africa and the African diaspora that will revive even the weariest of souls. Tune in to Africa Mix on KALW Thursday evenings from 9pm-Midnight.

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Spirit Of Humanity Gives Hope To Young Boy Mauled By A Hyena

A 9-year-old Zimbabwean boy Rodwell Nkomazana has a shot at a normal life, again, after a horrific hyena attack left him with half of his face missing.

It takes a village to raise a child and sometimes that village comes from thousands of kilometers away, and consists of committed surgeons, passionate nurses and generous international donors. Nine-year-old Rodwell Nkomazana was asleep at an all-night church service when the unthinkable happened. The little boy was attacked and mauled by a hyena outside Harare, in Zimbabwe.

The medical team at Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare, where he received his initial treatment, did all they could to save his life and stabilise him. However, due to a lack of resources and expertise, it was all they could do.

With half of his face missing, including an eye, his upper lip, his nose and part of his forehead, Rodwell was set for a life full of challenges. Not only would he have lost his childhood, but he would have probably spent most of his time in seclusion — isolated from the rest of society.

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Africa Could Start Producing COVID-19 Vaccines In 9 Months

While Western countries are speeding ahead with their vaccination programmes, Africa and the rest of the global South are still lagging far behind. Not for too long if all goes well according to the World Health Organisation!