Okmalumkoolkat's Fiery Video For 'Holy Oxygen'

SA rapper/producer Okmalumkoolkat shares the official music video for the song "Holy Oxygen" off his 2014 'Holy Oxygen 1' EP.

As he's shown in his previous, beautifully-frightening music videos for "iJusi" and "Allblackblackkat," Okmalumkoolkat is as much a visual artist as a wordsmith. The off-kilter SA rapper/producer continues his artistic fearlessness with the visual accompaniment to "Holy Oxygen," the title track off his recent Holy Oxygen I EP, which we premiered this summer. The song's lyrics discuss neglect and ultimate redemption (“Why do you think I’m rapping? / You don’t know what happened / I was never happy when my father left me / Left me as a baby way back in the 80s"), and its accompanying video vividly symbolizes these themes of being an outsider. Directed by the Cannes-recognized Wim Steytler, the eucalyptus forest video for "Holy Oxygen" depicts a smoky world where a colony of plastic-wrapped, quarantined inhabitants are, as a Mother Teresa quote explains, "unwanted, uncared for, and deserted by everybody." Amidst "demigod" Okmalumkoolkat's hail of drum zaps and electronic wobbles, though, the group is rescued, finally getting some air. Check out the "Holy Oxygen" video below, and learn more about Holy Oxygen I via Affine Records.