Nigerian Afropop Star Skales Drops New Enticing Single 'This Your Body' Featuring Davido

Nigerian musician Skales has released his second 2021 single.

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Nigerian Afropop Star Skales Drops New Enticing Single 'This Your Body' Featuring Davido

Listen to 'This Your Body', the brand new 'amapiano-influenced' dance number from Nigeria's hitmakers Skales and DaVido.

Skales, who boasts over a decade in Nigeria's music scene, has dropped his newest offering featuring Davido "This Your Body". The upbeat dance number is reminiscent of Skales' earlier music career that propelled him into the limelight and saw him collaborating, and performing, with big league artistssuch as Burna Boy, Wizkid, Diplo and Major Lazor to mention a few. On this latest single, Skales pulled in Davido, known to place a golden touch on any track he features on. Davido is uncontested as one of the best artists to ever come out of Nigeria's Afrobeats movement.

Even though it starts off with a quick pace, the fun "This Your Body" single is produced with a distinct amapiano-influenced bassline. Davido steps in with ad libs, carried by his recognisable high energy and signature sound. Skales seems to have gathered up all his energy since his last 2020release, theHealing Process EP — a poignant reflection of his painful journey to stardom. "This Your Body", on the contrary, is a lighthearted and joyful track that is sure to brighten up any bleak atmosphere.

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"This Your Body" is Skales' second 2021 release. He kicked off the year with the romantic "Kayefi", which fans adored. Skales currently has three full length albums — Mr. Love (2018), The Never Say Never Guy (2017) and his debut Man of The Year (2015).

"This Your Body" is definitely one to add to your weekend playlist. Listen below:

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