This Moroccan Designer's Short Film Has It All: 'Couture & Bullshit', Music, Fashion & Poetry

Watch Moroccan 'Couture & Bullshit' designer Amine Bendriouich's dreamlike short film, "In GO(L)D We Trust" Half Poet Half Animal.

Caro Colt in Amine Bendriouich's "In GO(L)D We Trust" Half Poet Half Animal
Amine Bendriouich is a poet, fashion designer, and founder of Couture & Bullshit, a fashion label in which collections are released spontaneously and don’t follow the industry's rigid season timeline. Couture & Bullshit straddles, “pop authenticity, androgyny and urban aesthetics with a hint of this certain je-ne-sais-quoi that keeps fashion going.” Bendriouich brings this uniquely fresh fashion into his costume design for a new video that exceptionally meshes music, fashion, dance and poetry, “In GO(L)D We Trust" Half Poet Half Animal.

Bendriouich splits his time between Casablanca and Berlin. It was in Germany that he met singer-songwriter Elyas Khan, a happenstance meeting that led to a collaboration, with Khan composing the hypnotizing musical accompaniment that matches Bendriouich’s dark and hazy visuals.

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