Photo by Zander Opperman.

Interview: Mx Blouse Pushes the Boundaries of Kwaito on Debut Album ‘Elementality’

Joburg-based artist Mx Blouse's first full-length release 'Elementality' sees them explore themes of human connection on a canvas of dance music.

While it remains to be seen where Mx Blouse will go next sonically, by now, it is clear that kwaito will remain at the core. "This is who I am as an artist, whatever beat I'm on, my delivery will always take it back to kwaito," says Mx Blouse in an interview with OkayAfrica.

From Mx Blouse's beginnings a mere four years ago, they have constantly worked at finding their own voice and sound. It's been a journey that has seen them hone their unique blend of local nostalgia-meets-cutting edge, resulting in the familiar danceability that Mx Blouse's debut album Elementality presents.

From their first single, 2016's hip-hop-leaning, "WTF(SQUARED)", Mx Blouse's sound has always been based on them delving into and reinventing the sonics that have shaped them as an artist.

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