Johannesburg Rap Crew Revivolution's Debut Mixtape Keeps the 90s Hip-Hop Sound Alive

Stream Johannesburg rap crew Revivolution’s debut mixtape, Kotas N’ Caviar.

Comprised of rappers, producers and a visual creative director, Johannesburg rap crew Revivolution is stacked with some of the freshest young talent in South Africa. Individually and collectively, they're keeping the 90s hip-hop sound alive.

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South African 90s Revival Rapper Tony Dangler's 'Pates Revenge' Will Soundtrack Your Weekend

Revivolution rapper Tony Dangler and his crew have a blast on a rooftop in the music video for "Pates Revenge"

Still from "Pates Revenge" music video.

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Tony Dangler 'No Manners' (Produced By DESERT_HEΔD)

Joburg rapper Tony Dangler crashed onto our radar with 'No Manners' (produced by DESERT_HEΔD aka Christian Tiger School's Luc Vermeer.