Temi Dollface, Kid Konnect, Show Dem Camp, Poe & More Form The Collectiv3

Temi Dollface, Kid Konnect, Show Dem Camp, Poe & More Form The Collectiv3

Temi Dollface, Ikon, Poe, Show Dem Camp, Ikon, Funbi and more release a joint album as 'The Collectiv3' for Nigerian independence day.

The Collective3 are a newly formed group comprised of Nigerian artists who "believe in creating art with no boundaries and challenging the status quo." The supergroup, which boasts the impressive roster of songstress Temi Dollface, Ikon, Poe, Funbi, Show Dem Camp, Nsikak and hip-hop producer Kid Konnect, are releasing their first collaborative effort The Collectiv3 LP today in honor of their country's 55th year of independence. The Collectiv3 wish that their artistic efforts will help promote individuality and creativity, "we are a movement that we hope will inspire and encourage others to express themselves how they choose to, without conforming." They're encourage fans to "join the movement today by being different and by being you."

Several of the group's artists spoke about their individual inspirations ahead of the release, “Art to me is pointless without having the intention to change views or to make a difference," mentions Ikon. "For me, the inspiration has to be from a real place, a place that cannot be manufactured." Temi Dollface adds, "As a creative I like to play with contrasts and words in a similar manner to what I do with clothes. Its really just needing that one trigger or fragment of an idea and then I invent the rest myself.” Check out the short clip below introducing the group and stream the 9-track The Collectiv3 LP in its entirety underneath.