Tribewanted Season II Begins: Anyone for Sierra Leone?

Tribewanted Season II Begins: Anyone for Sierra Leone?

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Tribewanted, the cross-cultural eco-tourism community dedicated to local development in John Obey Beach, Sierra Leone, is launching its 2nd season - and wants you to come join them. Along the pristine coastline (where you'll swim, snorkel, drink palm wine, and bang on drums with some master musicians) you can get involved in village construction and maintenance projects, perma-culture, water harvesting, cooking, assisting at the local school and sustainability workshops. The coolest thing: building Cal-Earth “super adobe” huts, traditional wood bungalows on the lagoon, and the 1200 watts solar tower. (Ok, the really coolest thing? Goddamn that beach is beautiful, and the secret hotsprings in the lagoon.)

Check out their website for more deets and how to book your trip now. Below check the video of Bajah + the Dry Eye Crew's impromptu fireside performance at Tribewanted last January.

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