Amapiano Duo Banaba’Des Aiming For World Domination

The Phone Yam hitmakers on being discovered by Alfa Kat, navigating newfound fame and how they let destiny lead their way to success.

One of the biggest perks of amapiano being a fairly new genre is that it's allowed for unbridled freedom of expression and an exploration of sounds, presentations and influences that are characteristic of the birth of anything new. This newness, and curiosity to explore, contrasts what's happening in other popular genres like R&B, pop and hip-hop, where songs have become repetitive, calculated and bland.

There's a vitality that runs through amapiano and at the helm sits its female vocalists. From the most recent addition to the mainstream, you have Dj Lady Du, as the vocalist behind the ancestral chanting on "Umsebenzi Wethu", to the meteoric rise of Kamo Mphela who about two years ago was just a great dancer with a dream, to the very solid moment in the limelight that DBN Gogo is enjoying.

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Interview: Moozlie Wants to Be Remembered As A Pioneer of The Slashie Generation

With close to a decade in the game, South African rapper and TV presenter Moozlie embodies the 'Spirit of an OG'.

Nomuzi "Moozlie" Mabena is playing the long game and it's chess, not checkers. "Yeah, you got some bars, but are you a star? Yeah, you got some gas, but will it get you far?" she raps on "Boom Bap Intro", the opening track of her latest album Spirit of an OG.

The intro serves as a swift address to naysayers. On any given day on Twitter, one can simply search Moozlie's name and be ushered into a compact community of individuals who not only deny her successes but also refute her talent and imply her longevity in the entertainment industry is some sort of fluke.

Since winning the MTV BaseVJ Search in 2012, she's worked alongside the biggest names and brands as a presenter, MC, voice-over artist, rapper, brand consultant and influencer.

As we stand in 2021, the young girl from Ben City (Benoni) has, in just under a decade, forged herself into a force to be reckoned with. Moozlie owns a record label Nomuzi Mabena Music, a lucrative brand partnership deal with Cruz Vodka for their cherry blossom flavour. "I signed an alcohol deal during an alcohol ban," she enthused in an episode of Riky Rick's Lab Live in which she was a guest, and currently hosts Nasty C's Zulu Man With Some Power web series/podcast over and above the consistent Viacom voice-over gigs and everything else in between.

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