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Kirani Ayat Rolls with the Kokrobite Skate Crew

The Ghanaian musician wanted to share his love of skateboarding with budding young enthusiasts living just outside of Accra, so he created a skate crew.

With the recent opening of the country's first fully functional skate park, times have gotten more promising in Ghana for the skateboarding sport and culture. Within this phenomenon is another very noteworthy development: Kirani Ayat, one of the nation's most well-known alternative music names, has founded a skate crew in an enclave of Accra – specifically for underprivileged preteens.

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Photo courtesy of Threaded Tribes.

Made In Africa: Threaded Tribes Is Tailoring a Renewed Appreciation for Hand-Woven Fabrics

In conversation with Awurama Mankatah, the Ghanaian creative designer and manager of Threaded Tribes.

Awurama Mankatah is a young Ghanaian stylist, creative designer and manager of luxury clothing and visuals brand, Threaded Tribes. She hit the trail with Tribes (short for Threaded Tribes) 3 years ago, and has since mixed outstanding self-fashioning with a thorough and refreshing aesthetic sense to fashion a brand which is naturally relatable with a distinct subgroup of society—"the carefree and unique."

It says something about the impact of Tribes that their vibrant, hand-woven pieces—which range from cloaks to dresses—aren't only popular among Accra's cool kids; you can find the brand in concept stores from Elle Lokko in Accra to GLOBUS in Zurich. Tribes' garments is due to showcase in Paris this weekend at Innov'Ethik Fashion Week.

We spoke with Mankatah about the beginnings of Threaded Tribes and touched on some questions pertinent to her work as creative designer and founder of the brand.

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