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Interview: Karun Returns With Intention On 'Catch A Vibe'

The Kenyan musician comes back after motherhood, finding balance and re-alignment in her new EP.

"I don't know what to say," Karun responds after our waiter curiously states that she looks familiar and she awkwardly laughs it off. The Berklee College of Music graduate is not new to being in the public eye, but her introverted demeanour would lead you to think otherwise. Karun, to those closest to her, has been singing her entire life; the rest of us were introduced to her through Camp Mulla, the BET-nominated pop group she was a member of in her teens.

As we discuss the journey to her new EP, Catch A Vibe, one begins to understand the transformative growth that comes for anyone in their 20s and how as an artist there are many questions around which road one should take. For Karun a real question was quitting and leaving music behind. Through these internal battles she ended up creating Catch A Vibe, a public service announcement that she's back doing what she's meant to. We are re-introduced to an artist that is making music she wants on her own terms.

Below we talk to Karun about how her definition of success has changed, the lessons that influenced her latest EP and the importance of balance and mental health.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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