Yanga Chief Takes The Lead With His Debut Album ‘Pop Star’

In his debut album 'Pop Star', Yanga Chief caters to various moods through diverse subject matter and culturally relevant songs.

Following up on his award-winning EP, Becoming a Popstar, Yanga Chief is not letting the game rest. His latest project Pop Star is a true reflection of what he has transformed into; a chief leading the Mzansi hip-hop scene.

Chiefs are supposed to hear and give commentary on all aspects of the village. Yanga Chief does exactly that by raising awareness on the good and bad of the village of South Africa—from partying to corruption. A trait that the greatest pop stars have been widely praised for. Think of early examples like Michael Jackson's political "They Don't Care About Us" and his upbeat real-life-based story of "Billie Jean".

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Ndlulamthi’s New EP ‘The Substance’ is an Insightful Pep Talk to The Black Man

Cape Town lyricist Ndlulamthi explores the experiences and actions of black men, touching on survival, failure, disappointment and GBV in his new EP 'The Substance'.

Cape Town lyricist Ndlulamthi (also known as iNdlulamthi—a giraffe in IsiXhosa) recently blessed his followers with a new EP titled The Substance, a follow-up to his 2018 sophomore album Hard Livings. The Substance is yet another edutaining project by the revered orator who's known for sharing the adversities faced by black people in the townships of Cape Town in his music.

In The Substance, Ndlulamthi sticks to his specialty of addressing social issues through songs of discontent. He delivers his message using compelling storytelling skills and Xhosa raps focused on the harsh realities faced by the black working class, particularly black men.

The Substance sees Ndlulamthi engaging the listener in a 25-minute-long conversation about substantial issues—gratitude, disappointment and failure, and gender-based violence—focusing specifically on the unique experiences of a black man particularly in Cape Town townships.

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