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Photo: Yael Even Or

Meet the 'Black Panther' Actor Pushing Back at Trump's DACA Repeal

We sat down with Bambadjan Bamba, the actor working to put a human face on undocumented immigrants.

Bambadjan Bamba is living his dream as a working actor in Hollywood. While he hasn't landed that breakout leading role just yet, he's played a wide variety of characters in movies and on TV. He has a recurring role on the much loved network sitcom "The Good Place" and he plays a militant leader in the world's biggest movie right now—Black Panther.

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Zimbabwe's Open Wound: Why Zimbabweans Are Still Protesting a 3-Year-Old Election

An urgent exploration into the difficulties of Zimbabwean electoral reform in the age of Robert Mugabe and #Thisflag

Phillis Nyamombe was an election agent in the 2013 Zimbabwean elections in Nyariya, a small village in the eastern province of Manicaland. A local representative of the largest Zimbabwean opposition party—Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)—Nyamombe’s job was to be at the polling station and make sure things were going orderly.

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Party Dark: Harare Continues To Dance Amidst Worsening Power Cuts

Yael Even Or reports on Zimbabwe's increasing power cuts and nightlife from Harare.