This Week in White American Crime

This Week in White American Crime

A non-exhaustive list of the exhaustive crimes committed by white male U.S. citizens.

President Donald Trump’s regime, in a newly signed Executive Order, has mandated the Homeland Security Secretary to “on a weekly basis, make public a comprehensive list of criminal actions committed by aliens and any jurisdiction that ignored or otherwise failed to honor any detainers with respect to such aliens.”

Essentially this mean the regime will start publishing a weekly list of supposed crimes committed by immigrants. The purpose behind such action is to shame the numerous Sanctuary Cities across the U.S. that refuse to turn over undocumented immigrants to federal security forces and rather engage in a policy dubbed “catch and release.” “Catch and release” is also the name of a new game coming out from former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a racist spin-off of the wildly popular Pokemon Go.

The changes made to federal immigration policy, at the behest of Donald Trump and a group of other high ranking elderly white men, arguably marks the largest change in Federal immigration policy in recent history. These changes include the extension of a border-wall along the U.S. and Mexico border, ensuring the “detention of aliens apprehended for violations of immigration law,” empowering state and local police to take on immigration enforcement duties, establish an “Office for Victims of Crimes Committed by Removable Aliens,” and hiring 10,000 new immigration officers and 5,000 new border agents.

It would seem, in a cosmic twist of irony, that the immigrants are not “takin er jawbs,” they are creating them. Trump also plans to ban immigration from several Muslim countries.

Throughout the campaign trail, Donald Trump has exhibited a deep seated hatred and suspicion of immigrants. Trump, while announcing his presidential campaign back in June of 2015, remarked regarding Mexican immigrants, “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists and some I assume are good people.”

Trump’s assertion that the crimes of immigrants, undocumented and otherwise, are underreported is false, as a quick web search will prove. The crimes of immigrants are rather over-reported and attached to an air of white hysteria, a common phenomenon experienced by deeply and subconsciously guilt ridden Caucasoids, who, knowing their crimes against people of color, and the benefits that arise from such actions, overcompensate and switch the narrative. They feign fear and worry about fabricated statistics created to support the continued normalization and hegemony of white supremacy. “Law and order,” they say.

Those perpetrating such falsehoods might cite the U.S. Sentencing Commission’s report that undocumented immigrants, while only accounting for 3.5 of the U.S. population, represent 7 percent of federal prison sentences on convictions of sexual abuse. 12 percent of assaults, 30 percent of kidnappings, and 9 percent of murders in the year 2013. What isn't mentioned is how few cases of violent crimes are processed through the federal court system. Though undocumented immigrants were responsible for 9.2 percent of federal murder convictions that amounts to eight murder cases in total. The U.S. has a population of over 300 million. There were 14,916 murders in the country during 2013. It’s a similar story in the other categories and the following year. Gotta hear both sides.

A larger menace is silently ravaging our cities, one that is virtually uncovered by the mainstream media: the menace of white American male citizens, largely belonging to the Christian faith, raping, stealing, murdering, shooting, spitting, lying, cooking unseasoned chicken, plundering, stabbing, sex trafficking children, and other unspeakable acts of satanic evil. These acts are more commonly known as THE WHITE MENACE.

To help raise awareness on this rampant savagery perpetrated upon America and the world, I will highlight the despicable criminal acts committed by white American men. The crimes of white U.S. male citizens, though often times devastates communities and countries of color, also destroy his own community. The overwhelming majority of crimes with white victims are committed by other whites. The numbers are staggering. 12 out of 4 crimes committed against white people are perpetrated by white people. There is a worldwide epidemic of violence in the white community. White on white genocide, some may call it.

The list I have compiled and will continue to compile will not be exhaustive as white crimes aka THE WHITE MENACE are countless and bountiful in their frequency, cruelty and malice. It goes without saying that there are some good white men in the world, but there are also very many bad ones who are killers, rapist, and have an affinity and colonial predisposition for theft, particularly taking from brown and black people, in unfathomable proportions. Here is a list of some of their crimes:

Kelly Schneider

White Crime # 1: Kelly Schneider, 23, noted white man in Idaho brutally murdered Steven Nelson after luring him to a remote wildlife area following posting a listing on solicting for sex. Schneider kicked Nelson around two-dozen times as he pleaded for his life. Schneider screamed homophobic slurs as he continued to pummel Nelson. Schneider then stripped Nelson and left him for dead. In the plea agreement, it was noted that the two did not commit sexual acts. Nelson was able to find help. Though critically injured he wandered to a house half a mile away. Nelson later died from the injuries sustained during the brutal attack and was able to describe the incident before his passing. The murder took place on April 27, 2016. Schneider recently plead guilty to a federal hate crime in hopes of receiving a reduced sentenced of 28 years in prison. Schneider also faces state murder charges.

Noah Ravenscroft

White Crime # 2: Noah Ravenscroft, 36, a noted white man and ex Quicken Loans executive savagely stabbed his wife to death with a kitchen knife in the state of Michigan. The 911 call was made by the couple’s child. Ravenscroft has been charged with first-degree murder. There were three children in the home as the murder took place. One of the children, a ten-year old, described seeing his father on top of his mother, who pleaded that the child run. The murder took place this past Monday. Ravenscroft is being held without bond.

Robert Doggart

White Crime #3: Robert Doggart, 65, a noted elderly white man from Sequatchie County, Tennessee, a diverse community - haha, jk, that shit white as fuck at 98.66% non-hispanic caucasian with a drop of Cherokee, planned to commit mass murder targeting residents of Islamberg in Northern New York state. Islamberg is a small rural hamlet in the town of Tompkins in Delaware County. It was founded in the late 1980s by Mubarak Ali Gilani and a group of mainly African American muslims who left New York City to flee racism and white crime. Authorities assert that Doggart spent months planning the assault and collecting weapons. The case largely rests on a conversation the Tennessee man had with a wiretapped FBI agent. Doggart was a congressional candidate in 2014. Though he was not elected, he would have fit right in as U.S. politicians tend to support the vigorous bombing of muslim countries, which are usually, filled with muslims. The federal trial against Doggart will begin on February 6th.

Evanston Police

White Crime #4: A group of multiple white male police officers in Evanston, Ill, varying ages, physically assaulted a Black Northwestern University doctoral student after receiving a false 911 call from a white woman saying he appeared to be stealing a vehicle. The car was his. Police released dash-cam video of the disturbing incident earlier this month.


Andrew Jackson

White Crime # 5: The fucking genocide of Native Americans!

That concludes our list, for now. Stay tuned for another report highlighting white male U.S. citizens committing crimes or thinking of committing crimes in the coming weeks. And remember to wear New Balance sneakers to show solidarity with our white sisters and brothers in their fight to weed crime from their beleaguered and cultureless communities.