Okayafrica’s Swazi Hip-Hop Mixtape

As a follow-up to his story on the rise of Swaziland’s hip-hop scene, Okayafrica tapped Sabelo Mkhabela to assemble a mix of the best hip-hop coming out of the tiny kingdom. In the hourlong Swazi Hip-Hop Mixtape below, Mkhabela showcases music by the thirteen Swazi rappers and producers he previously highlighted, including 80 Script, Qibho Intalektual (who himself is a member of Swaziland’s most prominent poetry movement), Crax, Jazz P, MP, KenaMozaik, Psycho Lution and Extasy.

“Though existing in an unstable industry, Swazi hip hop has a reasonable number of artists whose craft is ripe for the world’s ears,” Mkhabela told us over email. “This mixtape is a selection from a list of my personal favourite Swazi hip hop songs both old and new. Most of them are available for free on the net, except a few which I requested from artists for use for this mix. The sound varies as much the subject matter and the styles.”

Stream Okayafrica’s Swazi Hip-Hop Mixtape assembled by Sabelo Mkhabela below. For more, read The Rise Of Swaziland’s Hip-Hop Scene: 13 Notable Swazi Hip-Hop Artists.

1. 80 Script – “Godspeed Says Illuminous”
2. MP – “African Queen”
3. Qibho Intalektual – “Imilayeto”
4. Extasy ft. Illuminous – “Call Out”
5. Flawless ft. 80 Script – “Class Thing”
6. Crax ft. Stitched Don – “Tongues”
7. LO ft. 80 Script, Donno & Kwesta – “Studio Affair”
8. Paige – “She’s So Fly”
9. Mozaik – “21st Century Love”
10. Psycholution – “Dreams Come True”
11. Jazz P ft. Ras Skunk – “Oh Jah”
12. YnV ft. MP – “Shining”
13. Big King – “Nostalgia”
14. Dungavee – “Ulalelan’ungenamali”
15. Kena – “Tjovo”
16. Sabza – “My Story’s Not a Lie”