A woman working on a cannabis plantation
Photo by GUILLEM SARTORIO/AFP via Getty Images

Lesotho Becomes The First African Country To Export Cannabis To The European Union

Lesotho has made history by becoming the first certified African country to supply the European Union with cannabis for pharmaceutical use.

Africa's international cannabis trade is off to a superb start with Lesotho landing a lucrative deal with the European Union (EU). MG Health, a Lesotho cannabis company located deep in the country's lush mountainous region, has reportedly received the official approval to export its cannabis flower as a pharmaceutical ingredient to the European Union.

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According to Business Insider, MG Health was recognised for its high quality production standards and, therefore, received the EU's good manufacturing practice (GMP) stamp. The Lesotho-based company reportedly produces 250kg medical grade cannabis every month and is set to increase the output to 100 tons monthly. The GMP certification means the company will grow its cultivation land area from 5 000 to 16 000 square metres to meet international demand. Lesotho has already established business partnerships in Germany, which is currently the world's biggest medicinal cannabis market.

Luke van der Nest, MG Health's business development manager, shared that their aim was always to build the company into a trusted international brand:

"We wanted to find the most stringent standards and make sure that we adhere to those, to generate that global confidence for patients, prescribing doctors and everyone else along the supply chain."

Lesotho was one of the first Southern African countries to legalise cannabis usage in 2008. The country is responsible for a whopping 70 percent of South Africa's cannabis market, which contributes to the country's GDP. Shipments to Munich-based pharmaceutical company Drapalin Pharmaceuticals are set to start in June.