Manu WorldStar’s Latest Pop Crossover Song Is Going Viral, And You’ll Love It

Manu WorldStar’s Latest Pop Crossover Song Is Going Viral, And You’ll Love It

Listen to 'Nalingi' by Manu WorldStar.

Manu WorldStar, the up-and-coming South African-born Congolese hip-hop artist's latest single is an Afro pop smoothie that's currently melting everyone's hearts (hash tags don't lie).

Titled "Nalingi," the song sees Manu taking a break from the bars he's known for, and opting to serenade a lady who stole his heart. "I swear I lost my focus when you stepped in the room," he sings over smooth keys and cloudy pads, surrounded by layers of percussion.

"Nalingi" has all the makings of a pop hit: catchy hook, lyrics that are effective yet easy on the ear, and a beat that makes it impossible for you to not move a part of your body when it hits.

The artist told IOL about the song in an interview:

"What I am talking about is actually what I am going through right now. She is the one. If I could pour my heart out to a chick, this is what it would sound like. The reason why this song is so beautiful is because I think she is beautiful. She is very sweet, pays attention to details, which I love, because I do too. She is strong and she does like help. She is independent and she is beautiful. She is who I am meant to be with."

"Nalingi" is the first single Manu WorldStar released after inking a distribution deal with Sony Music. The 23-year-old artist has been bubbling under since he appeared on the second season of Vuzu TV's popular rap reality show The Hustle last year. He was also featured on our annual 25 Under 25 South African Rappers list.

Listen to "Nalingi" below, and follow Manu WorldStar on Twitter.