Singer Runtown at CIROC Studios Launch Event.

Photo by Tiffany Rose/Getty Images for Ciroc.

Runtown's Back With New Single 'Things I Know'

The Soundgod's long-awaited album, Signs, is due this month.

Nigeria's Runtown returns to the scene with a new song titled "Things I Know." The track was released ahead of the singer's upcoming album, Signs, and which he's been teasing recently on social media following a long hiatus.

"Things I Know" blends engaging afrobeats melodies with smooth synthesizers to showcase outstanding sonic growth from Runtown. The artist had not released any solo songs or projects since "If E Happen For Lagos" back in December of 2020.

Runtown took the African music scene by storm when he released "Mad Over You" in 2018. At the time, many Nigerians were becoming increasingly drawn to the fusion of Ghanaian and Nigerian sounds, and the 33-year-old quickly made the sound unique to him.

"Things I Know" is reminiscent of that now-classic tune, but gives enough room for the singer's growth and artistry to shine through. Reports have stated that the new single is slated to be a part of his upcoming album Signs, due in November.

In a 2019 interview with OkayAfrica, Runtown explained his approach: "What people don't understand is that I am a music producer. I was a professional songwriter before I became a recording artist. I write all genres of music, and I can produce any type of music. I do my A&R, and I understand the depths of sound. That's why I call myself the Soundgod."

Listen to Runtown's new single "Things I Know" below.

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