Stonebwoy performs at The Parkdale Hall on August 25, 2023 in Toronto, Ontario.

Stonebwoy performs at The Parkdale Hall on August 25, 2023 in Toronto, Ontario.

Photo by Robert Okine/Getty Images.

Stonebwoy and Angelique Kidjo Join Forces for "Manodzi" Music Video

Stonebwoy and Angelique Kidjo unite for "Manodzi" video, a transcendent fusion celebrating African music's global reach.

Afro-Dancehall sensation Stonebwoy has teamed up with the legendary four-time Grammy Award-winning music icon, Angelique Kidjo, for the production of the music video accompanying "Manodzi." This compelling track is an integral part of Stonebwoy's highly-acclaimed "5th Dimension" album, showcasing his musical versatility and boundary-breaking approach.

Hailing from Ghana, Stonebwoy's ascent to musical stardom is a testament to his unwavering confidence and talent. With over 20 awards to his name and contributions to three Grammy-nominated reggae albums, he has solidified his position as one of Ghana's most revered musicians. "Manodzi," one of his latest creations, resonates with the theme of self-assurance and the determination to conquer challenges. Stonebwoy proclaims, "Every day, I'm winning/ See me never lose... Straight to the top I'm aiming now."

In a special episode of Global Spin, Stonebwoy offers a captivating performance of "Manodzi," accompanied by his band in a rehearsal room, showcasing the track's infectious energy. Originally featuring Grammy Award-winning singer Angelique Kidjo, "Manodzi" finds its place on Stonebwoy's newest album, "5th Dimension." Speaking about the collaboration, Stonebwoy acknowledges Angelique Kidjo's immense influence in African music and beyond, stating, "Angelique is an institution of African music all the way through the diaspora... It just shows that, gradually, a boy like me is growing in the realms of people who are institutions."

Having recently concluded the North American leg of the "5th Dimension Tour," Stonebwoy is set to embark on a journey through Australia, the U.K., and Europe, captivating audiences worldwide with his musical prowess.

The partnership with Angelique Kidjo, a music legend of unparalleled stature, has ignited excitement not only among fans but also within the music industry.

Stonebwoy - Manodzi ft. Angelique