Spotlight: Jamal Ademola's Exploration Of Self-Identity Through Mixed Media

Journey with Nigerian-American mixed media artist and filmmaker Jamal Ademola as he strolls towards self-discovery.

In our 'Spotlight' series, we highlight the work of photographers, visual artists, multimedia artists and more who are producing vibrant, original work. In our latest piece, we spotlight Nigerian-American mixed media artist and filmmaker Jamal Ademola. His work was featured in an exhibition titled, "AFRICAN ANCIENT FUTURES" curated by Ethel Tawe at A Whitespace Creative Agency in Lagos, Nigeria from February 28th to April 2nd. The exhibition featured the black experience through an afro-surrealist lens. Follow Jamal's work on Instagram and on his site.

Nigerian-American mixed media artist and filmmaker Jamal Ademola effectively works across multiple mediums — film, visual art, video, drawing, painting, photography, and performance that creates conversations around such themes as black identities, the divine feminine, cultural consciousness and society. The dreamworlds he erects are indicative of an awareness of self and others that is otherworldly. His knack for storytelling and love for fine art permeate throughout his body of work.

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