Photo Credit: Chidinma Nnoli

Meet the Female Artists Making Waves in the Nigerian Art Scene

Historically, Nigeria’s art scene has been dominated by males. However, there is a new crop of female Nigerian artists who are starting to disrupt the scene.

Zida Kalu has been on the Nigerian art scene since 2018. In that time, she hasn’t seen many women artists showcasing at exhibitions. In 2020, COVID-19 disrupted the art world, leading to shuttering of galleries and planned exhibitions. To cope, Kalu created art. It was an escapist medium amid the madness of the pandemic. Once in a while she would spare a thought for women artists like her, and the lack of representation she had seen pre-lockdown.

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Photo courtesy of Tosinger

Nigerian Storyteller Tosinger Is Bringing Africans Back To Their Roots

The singer, actress, and folklore storyteller spoke to us about how her move to Oklahoma pushed her to pursue her dreams, and the performer's latest Black History Month project, #We3Queens.

Atlanta based Afrosoul/Afrofolk singer and actress Tosin Taiwo, aka Tosinger, is dedicated to continuing the traditions of oral and visual storytelling. The Nigerian artist's latest human art installation project, #We3Queens, is a beautiful expression of gratitude to the strong female African leaders we so rarely learn about. The project sees Tosinger engage in three separate performances where she embodies and transforms into the three queens before audiences at The African Textile Museum in Stonecrest, Georgia. The project centers around Queen Mother Idia of the Benin Kingdom (now Southwest Nigeria), Queen Nzinga of Ndongo and Matamba (now Northern Angola), and Queen Yaa Asantewaa of the Ashanti Tribe (present day Ghana). All three queens are known for the political smarts, unwavering fearlessness and for being legendary soldiers of war.

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