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Africa's High COVID-19 Death Rates Are A Huge Concern

A medical study led by two South African Professors, Bruce Biccard and Dean Gopalan, found that half of admitted COVID-19 patients died in ten different African hospitals due to lack of adequate oxygen machines and other vital resources.

A COVID-19 study conducted between May and December 2020 released findings that have cast a spotlight on the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic in Africa. Co-led by the University of Cape Town's Professor Bruce Biccard, the study shows that while testing in Africa continues to rise, an overwhelming amount of COVID-19 positive patients continue to succumb to death due to inadequate medical supplies in hospitals. The U.S and Europe are reportedly set to enter a post-COVID-19 era as their steady vaccine rollout has already commenced. The trouble, however, seems to only be starting for Africa. According to the study, 48.2 percent of patients admitted in hospitals across Africa die due to lack of oxygen and dialysis machines.

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