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How Marvel's 'Moon Knight' Handled Egyptian Representation

Disney+'s 'Moon Knight' joins another Marvel project, 'Black Panther,' on the exploration of African identity and themes. So how did the show do?

Disney+'s Moon Knight dimmed out its light this week. The season finale, which premiered today, left viewers asking if there will be another season. Moon Knight is a lesser-known caped superhero from Marvel Comics, so no one could predict what a small-screen adaptation would look like. So when the series Moon Knight was introduced for the first time, excitement around a new MCU project was usual, but this one had no reference for success.

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Abo Sahar Is Making His Own Blend of Egyptian Electronic Music

Abo Sahar's self-coined electronic genre 'Trobby' is heavily-influenced by his youth and memories in upper Egypt. "People dance to my childhood dreams," he says.

When I come face to face with Abo Sahar for the first time he sits in a green room with graffitied walls back home in Minya, Upper Egypt. With a kaffiyeh around his neck, he blows thick shisha smoke at the screen. It's a familiar sight and an image you'll witness most nights if you follow him on Instagram, where he logs on live to put on spellbindingly improvised shows for his fans

At 36-years-old, his humility defines rather than defies his status as Abo Sahar is a man utterly immersed in something that is bigger than him. Led by the passion for his music, he has created a world for himself that he allows others to enter. It's a buzzing and spiritual realm where his faith in what he does saves him from a nameless dread. "I feel safe when I play music and don't feel comfortable on the street." he says. "For that, I don't know why. I only know that I feel the best when I make people dance."

There is a reason he's not used to people. Growing up in the green and remote parts of Upper Egypt, he spent a lot of time alone with his grandfather with only a battery-powered AM radio that rang out music from another world. It magically distracted him from his isolation.

At 7-years-old he started making music by playing the long stalks of grass he plucked to make a reed instrument for himself. Encouraged by his grandfather, he always intended to create something in his own style."There were no artists in my family but my grandfather said I had a beautiful voice," he says. "It made me care about what I was doing."

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