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Interview: Ol’ Burger Beats & Vuyo’s ‘Dialogue.’ is a Jazz-Infused Conversation

'Dialogue.', the first full-length release by the Norweigan producer Ol' Burger Beats and Norweigan-South African rapper Vuyo, is characterised by jazz-infused beats and conversational, unhurried rhymes.

An album three years in the making, Dialogue. is the product of collaboration between Norweigan producer Ol' Burger Beats and Norweigan-South African rapper Vuyo. The project consists of laidback jazz-infused beats and conversational, unhurried rhymes, in line with the release's dialogue-driven concept.

Released on Germany's Jakarta Records, the album sees Vuyo sharing his experiences and observations, at times through a diasporic lens, while Ol' Burger Beats' sonics feature elements of jazz, soul, as well as touches of lo-fi and 90s' boom-bap.

Born in Zimbabwe to a father active in the anti-apartheid struggle and a mother active in the Namibian independence struggle, Vuyo grew up between South Africa, Zambia and Norway where he settled with his mother as a teenager. Through his father, he was exposed to the likes of Fela Kuti, Hugh Masekela and other Afro-jazz artists. It would be hearing Jay-Z's "Momma Loves Me" from The Blueprint that would kickstart his love for hip-hop, with Vuyo relating to Jay-Z's story of being raised by a single mother.

While he started experimenting with hip-hop at home, it was a visit to Namibia where he recorded with the rapper Mark Mushiva, one-third of the hip-hop group Black Vulcanite, that would push him to pursue things further. The result was the release of his self-produced 2018 EP Home-Cooked Meals.

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