Photo: Odartey Aryee

With her Words, Poetra Asantewa Rages and Dreams

The Ghanaian poet is releasing her anthology, Woman, Eat Me Whole, this month.

In 2020, after two years of repeated rejections, documented via an Excel sheet, Ama Asantewa Diaka, aka Poetra Asantewa, scored a deal with one of the big five English-language publishing companies. Under Ecco books, an imprint of HarperCollins, her debut collection of poems exploring womanhood, the body, mental illness, and what it means to move between cultures will be published. Titled Woman, Eat Me Whole, the book also touches on themes like perceptions of beauty, the betrayals of the body, and what it means to give consent.

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Photo: Sarah Lubala

Poet Sarah Lubala Examines Disappearances of All Kinds

The DRC-born poet tells OkayAfrica how and why she practices 'a poetics of disobedience.'

Sarah Lubala has been interrogating the history of disappearances. And no, she’s not with the FBI or DCI, but with the POETRY department. ‘I arrived with/ bruised knees/ wet hair/ a mouth-full of salted fish,' -- she recreates the scene in '6 Errant Thoughts on Being a Refugee,' the first poem in her debut poetry collection, A History of Disappearance.

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