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The Acting Head of the African CDC Alleges Discrimination at Germany Airport

Kenya's Ahmed Ogwell, the acting head of the African Centers for Disease Control (CDC), returned to Kenya after allegedly experiencing racism by immigration officials in Germany

During a trip to Germany, Ahmed Ogwell, the acting leader for the African Centres for Disease Control (CDC), alleges that he was “mistreated” by officials at Germany's Frankfurt Airport. Ogwell was in Germany to to attend the World Health Summit in Berlin, but after the alleged incident occurred, he chose to return home to Kenya.

On Monday, he took to social media to share his thoughts on the situation and leave some encouraging words for his followers.

After the German airport caught wind of Ogwell's comments, they took to Twitter to apologize about the situation. They also invited Ogwell to share more information about his experience.

The incident ignited an outpouring of support for Ogwell, as well as opened up the floor for other customers to voice their complaints about similar experiences at the Frankfurt airport.

Ogwell's tweets were retweeted by thousands of Twitter users, who praised him for speaking up about the situation.Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the World Health Organization Director-General also commented on the situation and praised Ogwell for speaking up.

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Pantera is the Anti-Racist Shop Protecting African Street Vendors in Madrid

Next to some of Madrid’s most well known Senegalese restaurants stands Pantera, an anti-racist shop supporting African street vendors who face prosecution in the area.

When I first approached Osmane, a Senegalese mantero in Gran Vía, Madrid, he was defensive and avoidant. Systematic persecution keep manteros sharp — handling sales, money and on the lookout for policemen. Osmane is one of the 200 vendors that gather in the streets of Madrid, Spain to offer often counterfeit sunglasses, purses, and clothing. They are commonly known as "manteros" due to their signature practice of spreading their goods over a manta, cloth sheets that can easily be folded into a makeshift bag.

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