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The 10 Best Fela Kuti Songs

Veteran DJ Rich Medina, who introduced an American generation to Afrobeat, ranks the 10 best Fela Kuti songs.

Today marks the anniversary of the passing of Fela Kuti, the undisputed king of afrobeat.

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In Photos: Afro-Latino Fest NYC Brings Bulla, Love and Healing to Brooklyn

Check out Okayafrica's photo round up and recap of the fun that was at Afro-Latino Fest NYC in Brooklyn's Restoration Plaza.

The past three days of festivities brought to you by the Afro-Latino Festival of New York was just the right dose of love and healing in the wake of the many occurring and recent incidents of police brutality across the U.S. The constant sight of black suffering is beyond daunting, and these days of celebrating black lives and life itself came just at the right time.

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