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Rowlene Grapples With Romantic Nonchalance and the Yearning for True Love in Her Debut Album ‘11:11’

In her long-awaited debut album, '11:11', South African R&B artist Rowlene grapples with the delicate balancing act of romantic nonchalance and the yearning for true love, making for a wistful and ambivalent opus.

Rowlene has steadily been one of the most pivotal voices of the current R&B renaissance in the South Africa. Her debut album 11:11 is a richly diverse release sonically, with a thematic centre of romance and relationships, albeit in different contexts.

For a long time, the artist was known mainly for a bevy of features she has done with some of the foremost rap stars in the industry. Most notably, she appeared on Nasty C's chart-topping singles "Phases"(2016) and "SMA" (2018), as well as A-Reece's "Pride" (2017) and Flame's "Between Me & You" (2017). She also has a placement on the soundtrack of the South African 2020 Netflix original series, Blood & Water, with the song "I Need You" alongside Nasty C.

11:11 primarily finds Rowlene caught between asserting herself as someone who won't chase unwilling romantic partners and also painstakingly explaining herself to romantic partners on how she should be treated.

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Listen To Rowlene’s Highly-Anticipated Debut Album ‘11:11’

South African songstress Rowlene releases her anticipated debut album, '11:11'.