Lex LaFoy is Always Evolving

We chat to the South African rapper about her evolution and latest EP, 22.

Unlike a majority of South African emcees from the mid-2000s era, Lex LaFoy refuses to stagnate. Back then, while still known as Lexikon, Lex LaFoy was a notable battle rapper and poet in Durban.

In 2019, many of her peers are either still making the same music as they did in 2006 or vanished into obscurity. Lex LaFoy, however, is creating art that references current times while still maintaining her essence as a lyricist, as can be heard on her latest EP, 22.

"I got into the scene where freestyle battle performance was a prerequisite," says Lex LaFoy. "I got into it in at a time when one was not considered an emcee unless they did all the elements, you know. And so, at the time in 2004, when I was new on the scene, I kind of had to prove I could do everything."

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For the first time ever, the whole Cashtime Life catalog is now available on streaming platforms.

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AKA’s Album ‘Levels’ Has Been Certified 7x Platinum, 5 Years Since Its Release

Now congratulate him.

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