The Very Best Share 'Let Go' ft. Vampire Weekend's Chris Baio & Announce New 'Makes A King' LP

Stream The Very Best's new single "Let Go," featuring Chris Baio of Vampire Weekend, featured on their upcoming 'Makes A King' LP.

The Very Best have announced the release of their next full-length Makes A King, the follow-up to 2012's MTMTMK. The duo of Malawian singer Esau Mwamwaya and producer Johan Hugo already shared the time-lapse video for the album's first single "Hear Me" alongside Chris Baio, and now drop "Let Go," another collaboration with the Vampire Weekend bassist. The group's upcoming 13-track album, which is due April 7 on Moshi Moshi, will also feature additional collaborations with Seye, Baaba Maal, Jerere, and Jutty Taylor. The LP was recorded in Malawi’s M’dala Chikowa village and Hugo states that it's about "celebrating the positive and the negative in life – and striving to stay happy through it all.” Stream The Very Best's "Let Go" and see the album's tracklist below via Pitchfork.

Makes A King Tracklist

01 Nkhondo

02 Hear Me

03 Let Go

04 Guju Guju

05 Bilmankwe [ft. Jerere]

06 Sweka

07 Mwana Wanga

08 Mariana [ft. Seye]

09 The Dead and the Dreaming [ft. Seye]

10 Kanyale

11 Umasiye [ft. Baaba Maal]

12 Uhumu

13 Makes a King [ft. Jutty Taylor]

Image courtesy of Peintre Obou.

Ivorian Artist Peintre Obou Speaks on Expression Through His Masked Characters

Peintre Obou talks about how he came to be an artist, his fervour for the mask, and his uplifting project, 'Abobo E Zo'.

Gbais Obou Yves Fredy better known as Peintre Obou is an Ivorian artist whose work is centered around the political-military crisis in his home. To date, his career has been an exploration of his passion for the human condition and the traumas he has experienced as a result of human-orchestrated disasters. He goes as far as highlighting life in the slums and the individuals who opened their arms to him in the lowly communes of Abidjan. He distinctively distorts the faces of his subjects with masks and places vibrant colors upon their bodies as he weaves tales of war, trauma, suffering, and oppression.

Last summer, the Ivorian commune of Abobo underwent renovation in a project titled, Abobo E Zo commissioned by the Minister Hamed Bakayoko. Not only were downtrodden areas within the community rehabilitated and sanitized but multiple buildings around the populous commune were painted to the delight of residents. It was street art set on enlightening a disadvantaged community piloted by Obou with help from hundreds of crafty volunteers.

This interview was conducted in French and has been translated and edited for length and clarity.

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