Image courtesy of Ife Idowu.

Ife Idowu Takes Us Inside Netflix's Nollywood Deals

The Licensing Manager of FilmOne Entertainment, tells us about the process of getting Nollywood's biggest films on Netflix and increasing the value of Nigerian productions.

In 2015, Netflix contacted Kunle Afolayan to acquire his psychological thriller October 1. That conversation led to one of the first Netflix-Nollywood deals. Since then, more Nollywood films have gone on the streaming platform. The number has increased in recent months, with 5 to 10 Nollywood titles added every month after FilmOne Entertainment, one of Nigeria's biggest film distribution companies, became the streamer's leading supplier of Nollywood movies.

The company has stapled a huge Nollywood presence on the platform. But this hasn't been well received by everyone. A section of viewers and stakeholders feel the quality of some of the films are low for Netflix standards. Filmmakers have also accused FilmOne of lowballing the industry as Netflix now pays a fraction of what it used to pay for Nigerian films.

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Abba Makama’s Quarantine Watchlist

From classic Nollywood horrors to Hulu's 'Ramy' here's what the Nigerian director Abba Makama is watching while at home in Lagos.

Life is returning to normal in Nigeria's entertainment capital, Lagos. The congested roads are back. Cinemas are reopening and Nollywood filmmakers are returning to sets. But Abba Makama, the director of the critically acclaimed The Lost Okoroshi and Green White Green, feels indifferent about all of it.

"The pandemic has not changed my lifestyle at all," he tells me last Sunday, over the phone from his quarantine location in Lagos. "I am a very insulated person, I could go months without leaving my house. So I don't have anxiety about when the lockdown is going to end." His only problem is finding creative ways to tell stories if the pandemic continues, but it's a challenge he finds exciting.

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