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These Nigerian Music Video Clichés Need To Go, Now

Wizkid, Burna Boy, Davido and many more are guilty of overusing these tired themes in their music videos.

In the diaspora, Nigerians are proud of afrobeats — and we should be. We takeover speakers at parties replacing trap music with Wizkid’s "Final," we shoki to songs regardless of lyrical relevance, we recommend Burna Boy to our friends and colleagues, and we introduce people to our music the way we introduce them to Nigerian jollof rice — with confidence and enthusiasm, both being identity flags we fly high in many international spaces.

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Akin Yai's 'Post Punk, New Wave & Black Diaspora' Sound

We speak with Beninese-American musician Akin Yai about his progressive, vulnerable, and genre-bending album 'We Are Leaders Not Saints'

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The 'Afro-Experimental Pop' Of Nigerian Singer/Producer Saro

New York-based Nigerian producer and singer Saro discusses his "afro-experimental pop" music in an interview with Okayafrica.