The Celestial Life of Zaki Ibrahim

An interview with South African-Canadian singer Zaki Ibrahim on grief, family, rebirth and how "chaos is order."

Zaki Ibrahim is wearing a black and white geometric print summer dress. Her hair is braided, with pieces wrapped in red wool and beads dangling off the tips. It's a hot afternoon, and we're sitting at a cafe in the trendy Observatory neighborhood of Cape Town. The South African-Canadian singer-songwriter, mother and all-round creative is here to release her latest full length album The Secret Life of Planets.

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The Future is African: How this Web Series is Bringing the Real Africa to the World

#AfricanintheMedia is a new web series that aims to disrupt the current narrative around Africa and Africans

Cliches of starving children and the belief that Africans are uncivilized and war hungry, are ubiquitous in the mainstream media. Slice Up’s new web series #AfricainTheMedia aims to challenge these tropes by providing an African gaze on the continent. It looks at how we see Africa portrayed now, and how this is going to change quite rapidly. The web series features influencers from the Francophone world such as Binetou Sylla, CEO of Syllart Records, Blick Bassy and Aïssa Maïga.

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