5 Nigerian Hyper-Realist Artists You Should Know

5 Nigerian Hyper-Realist Artists You Should Know

Here are 5 Nigerian hyper-realist artists whose work leaves us astonished.

It takes a special, perhaps, preternatural gift to be able to produce works of art that look so real they make viewers second-guess their eyesight.

Several African artists are amongst this talented bunch of hyper-realist artists, whose craftsmanship and stringent attention to detail produce some of the most utterly mind-blowing works that we've had the pleasure of seeing.

For these artists, the tedious process is just as meaningful as the outcome.

Blow, check out 5 African hyper-realists whose work leaves us quite astonished. For more, revisit our list of 10 Nigerian hyper-realists whose work will trick your eyes.

Raji Bamidele

This Nigerian hyper-realist is popular for drawing Nigerian political figures like PresidentMuhammadu Buhari.

Ayo Filade

This Nigerian artists hand drawings are unbeatable.

Arinze Stanley

This Nigerian artist is well known for his incredibly intricate drawings that usually take him hours on end to complete.

Babajide Olatunji

The Nigerian artist's series on scarification is one-of-a-kind. We included him on our list of 15 African artists to follow on Instagram not only because his work is splendid, but also because he's incredibly entertaining. Check out his dance moves as he paints a portrait of Fela Kuti.

Chiamonwu Joy

This Nigerian artist shared her work on Twitter yesterday and it's blown up since—and for good reason. Her black and white charcoal drawings seamlessly capture the essence of their female subjects.