Afripedia Exclusives: Angola's Kuduro Scene

Afripedia Exclusives: Angola's Kuduro Scene

'Afripedia,' the new 5-part documentary series from Stocktown Films, shares exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from Angola's Kuduro scene.

All photos are Copyright of Stocktown Films

Photos by Teddy Goitom, Benjamin Taft & Senay Berhe

Afripedia [af-ri-pee-dee-uh] is a new platform and forum for African creatives from Swedish production collective Stocktown. When we first reported on the project back in October, Afripedia had recently launched its first venture, a five-part mini documentary series that aired on Swedish Television (SVT Kunskapskanalen) beginning September 25th. Shot in Kenya, Ghana, Angola, Senegal, Côte d'Ivoire and South Africa, each episode dedicates itself to shedding light on work from a group of creatives within each of those countries. The team is currently producing one more episode in North Africa and has plans to release a full-length documentary in 2016. The first five episodes of Afripedia will be available to watch online in 2015. Until then, the folks at Stocktown have sent us exclusive behind-the-scenes images from each country featured on season one. Every day this week we'll share a new gallery of photos from the set of Afripedia.

First up on our week of Afripedia exclusives is Angola. The episode, which originally aired on September 25th, sees Stocktown head to Luanda in collaboration with Geração 80. It's there that they meet some of the key players on the Kuduro scene, including longtime Okayafrica favorites like transgender kudurista queen Titica, performance artist/multimedia-creator/writer and all-around provocateur Nástio Mosquito, and emcee (plus Batida collaborator) Sacerdote. Watch a trailer for Afripedia's Angola episode below, and see above for behind-the-scenes photos from music videos Stocktown produced for Sacerdote ("Falaste O Que") and Titica ("Olha o Boneco"). Check back tomorrow for exclusive shots from Senegal and Côte d'Ivoire.

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